Meet Heph Riggins

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We are getting super excited for our first Summer Series event on the patio of Borracho next Saturday, May 16th!

Meet one of our talented artists, Heph Riggins. You may have seen some of his mural art on the walls of Borracho! Come root him on at the art battle at Borracho! Here’s a little bit about him.

Home is where the heart is and for Heph. That home is Spokane. Hepherson spent five years working for local non-profit organizations here before he left to focus on art full-time. He moved back to Spokane to pursue Sip’n Paint Studio. Which is his art studio and tavern where he instructs classes and donates 8% of his class sales to different local non-profits each month. He is currently a member of the Bay View Arts Guild. In addition, Spokane has featured multiple solo art shows and some of his projects can be seen downtown in Borracho Tacos and Tequileria. There he has 10 projects. The smalles there is a 4×3 foot and the largest is a 223 sqaure foot mural. You can also see two 150 square foot murals at the newly renovated, Globe Resturant and Bar. These murals can be seen in a time-lapse video on YouTube and also featured in the local periodical, The Inlander.

Timelapse links:
Globe Mural:
Borracho Mural:
Starry Night Mural:

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