Meet Jesse Pierpoint

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The man himself, Jesse Pierpoint, is taking the Draw Off stage this Saturday! It is rare JP gets up there, but this is a very special Elkfest. He is teaming up with his doppelgänger Jesse Scheller. Both Graphic Designers, both gingers, and both incredibly talented. This Saturday’s Draw Off is not to be missed!

Find out more on the event HERE.

Here’s a little history on Jesse…

Jesse Pierpoint is a local artist working in mixed media to develop layered compositions using paper, acrylic and spray paint. Combining his graphic design and fine arts background, Jesse integrates a mix of typography, patterns and the occasional Garbage Pail Kid card into his work.

Jesse started a branding and design company within two years of graduating college and was teaching college-level design two years after that. Since 2010, Jesse has been Creative Director of Seven2, a digital agency in Spokane. Years of live-painting for non-profit fundraisers and a past that involved college-level athletics gave him the idea for a friendly competition between artists. In 2011, he launched the Seven2 DrawOff, a series of 3-on-3 live-drawing battles that support local charities.

When not live-painting, Jesse works from his basement studio, where he also hosts an 18-year artist residency program currently occupied by his three children.


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