Meet Karli and Chels

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This weekend we will be having our 2nd Summer Series Draw Off event at Borracho! With much better weather we will get to battle on the patio in the sun! We have an incredible lineup of artists for this event! The first team we would like to introduce are not strangers to the design and art world in Spokane! Karli Ingersoll & Chelsea Hendrickson will be back on the the Draw Off stage. We are so excited to see what these two ladies have in store for the battle.

Karli is a Spokane native with a degree focused in print design, several years of agency experience and seven years of success as a freelance designer and illustrator.

She has created professional work for companies and nonprofits in dozens of industries, but she has the most experience with the independent music world. Because she is a musician herself, she can empathize with musicians and understand the challenges they face as they create a unique sound and a unique brand to go with it. Musicians are her people and her community, and integrating music and art is what she loves to do. There’s almost no better feeling than knowing that an album cover, poster design or website design has helped a band or musician get the attention they deserve so they can share their sound.

Along with her design career, she owns a music venue, The Bartlett, in downtown Spokane with her husband Caleb. She also started Collect, a blog that features the work of Spokane area artists, musicians and creatives.






Chelsea has been involved in numerous local art events, as well as working as a freelance designer. She has had art installments throughout Spokane, the most recent was in the River Park Square for Window Dressing Spokane. She is always ready to dive into a collaborative art project, no matter what it is.

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